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Does your home's interior or exterior look dull and damaged? Maybe the paint on your siding is peeling or your floors are stained from water damage. Either way, the experts at RS Painting & Restoration can help you revitalize your property. Whether you need help restoring your historical home or repainting your dull siding, we're the team for you.

Trust our restoration and painting contractors in Derry, NH to bring your building back to life.

Offering exceptional painting services at affordable prices

Some painting contractors in Derry, NH will rush through a job to get a paycheck and move on - but not us.
You can rely on our painters to:

Take the time to listen to your needs so the final result comes out exactly how you want

Pay close attention to detail to make sure no spot is missed and everything blends smoothly

Prepare your property to avoid getting paint splatters on your floors or furniture

For a free estimate on your interior or exterior painting project, contact a member of our staff today.

Need help restoring your home?

If your home was damaged by a burst pipe, a harsh storm or an accidental fire, reach out to a reliable contractor at RS Painting & Restoration. Our experts have the necessary tools and skills to complete fire and water damage insurance repairs the right way. Utilize our interior or exterior restoration services in Derry, NH to complete tasks like repairing rotten decking, replacing damaged windows and fixing burned doors.

We can also prepare your home for winter, remodel your kitchen or bathroom and complete general maintenance jobs.

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