Reverse the Effects of Fire or Water Damage

Reverse the Effects of Fire or Water Damage

Offering interior restoration services in Derry, NH

A burst pipe or a sudden electrical fire can happen at any time. Make sure you're prepared to complete fire or water damage repairs by keeping the number for RS Painting & Restoration close by. Our experts have the necessary experience and equipment to complete almost any interior restoration job in Derry, NH.

Need help with your water or fire damage insurance repair? Call 978-304-7600 now to discuss your needs with our skilled contractors.

Restore your home's interior with ease

Whether your home has burnt cabinetry or moldy flooring, we can make your space look as good as new.

Count on us to help with any restoration project.

Was there a:

  • Fire in your kitchen? Hire our team to rebuild your space out of the ashes.
  • Flood in your basement? Depend on us to repair rotten wood and damaged drywall.
  • Burst pipe in your bathroom? Reach out to us for reliable water damage repair services.

For a free estimate on your interior restoration project in Derry, NH, contact a member of our staff today.